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Miss Christine: Confident, catchy, and queer.


Christine Moad had achieved the musician’s dream: Success as an internationally touring bassist and many side gigs back in Nashville. There was just one problem: They were unfulfilled.


It took courage to leave it all behind.  Having made the decision to leave Nashville and the hectic, cut-throat, session musician scene, Christine settled on a farm in their home state of Iowa and spent time exploring the inner workings of their mind. Meditation became part of their daily routine. 


Stargazing in the flyover state beside their library of Beatles memorabilia, they crafted the foundations of their debut record Conversion. Indie rock, new wave, bluesy soul influences and more all find their home amongst a punky grit. Gender, personal strength, challenging relationships, and the current political climate in the United States, are just some of the subjects tackled in Conversion.


Christine’s free spirit and positive attitude are sowing the seeds of self-acceptance for a new generation of women, men, and others.